Cobak(CBK) 2024 Roadmap

5 min readJan 16, 2024

Dear Cobak Community,

Thank you for always being with us on the journey to revitalizing the Cobak Token ecosystem and making strides as a Web3 company. As we welcome the new year of 2024, Cobak looks back on the achievements of the second half of 2023 and announces its roadmap for 2024. Cobak proudly announces that it has achieved 100% of its roadmap for the second half of 2023. Please refer to the roadmap announced in 2023, detailed on February 17th of last year. (Go to roadmap)

(Go to the 2023 Roadmap)

(Go to the roadmap achievement status for Q1 and Q2 of 2023)

2023 3Q

  • Introduction of Premium Membership Service Cobak membership application event on September 27, 2023 (Go to the notice)
    As part of strengthening the community, we launched a new Cobak paid membership service, pursuing dense relationships among users. Members could earn additional rewards for community activities and contributed to the expansion of the token economy by enabling membership sign-ups using CBK. We will continue to develop and provide future services through Cobak membership and listen to user feedback.
  • DeFi Staking Expansion (Go to the Related Link)
    Expansion and Cobak Finance White Paper Cobak has concentrated on developing a process for users to deposit assets and earn rewards based on a decentralized finance (DeFi) system, successfully achieving a significant upgrade in the Cobak token economy and the introduction of CBK Finance. Additionally, we focused on enhancing server stability through cloud database updates and informed all investors of Cobak’s strategy by designing White Paper 2.0.
  • Ethereum-Polygon CBK Bridge Service Opened Cobak app swap function opened on October 13, 2023 (Go to the notice)
    Cobak launched a swap feature to change the CBK network, enhancing services and expanding the ecosystem. We improved user convenience by establishing a cross-chain swap between Ethereum and Polycon networks, allowing users to participate in a more convenient and differentiated Web3 environment.

2023 4Q

  • W2E Ecosystem Model Expansion Recruitment of crypto reporters on October 20, 2023 (Go to the notice)
    As part of expanding the W2E ecosystem model where users can write and generate revenue, Cobak recruited a ‘Crypto Reporter Corps’. The Crypto Reporters lead the charge in delivering the fastest and most accurate investment news, covering global issues. Importantly, we have built a system that fits the Web 3 framework by increasing the transparency of the compensation method.
  • Expansion of Partnerships in Content, Data, etc. Recruitment of exchange content supporters on December 8, 2023 (Go to the notice)
    To build strategic partnerships and expand global services, Cobak laid the foundation by listing on global cryptocurrency exchanges. Specifically, by listing on Bybit, Bitget, and HTX exchanges, we have shown new growth potential by producing aggressive events and innovative, sustainable content in partnership with these exchanges.
  • Hosting a Roundtable Discussion for W2E Ecosystem Activation On December 13, 2023, the ‘3rd Cobak Roundtable’ was held (Go to the notice)
    Cobak hosted a roundtable discussion to expand new business areas for pioneering the upcoming Web 3 ecosystem. We focused on sharing our vision for the overall blockchain business through regular communication and held online roundtable discussions targeting community users to understand consumer preferences. Furthermore, we conducted a global AMA to also implement updates improving convenience, reflecting the opinions of global users, and were able to focus on solidifying our foundation by successfully communicating with more than 100,000 users.

2024 Roadmap Cobak is focused this year, 2024, on intensively working to enhance the utilization of CBK. As such, we plan to concentrate on developing and launching the dual token system and liquidity mining program for CBK Finance as specified in the whitepaper. Additionally, we will work on improving the convenience of the currently complex IDO services by revamping the CBKStarter page and refining the IDO process. Furthermore, we are planning the official launch of the global web/app to increase global users, along with various improvements to community services.

  • Global Web/App Launch
  • CBK Dual Token System Launch
  • CBK Liquidity Mining Program Launch
  • CBKStarter Revamp and IDO Procedure Improvement
  • Various Cobak Service Improvements including Cobak Live revamps
  • Partnerships with External Projects

For the Global Web/App Launch, Cobak has been preparing for global expansion since the fourth quarter of 2023. We plan to launch a global web and app within the first quarter of 2024, making all of Cobak’s features accessible to users worldwide.

For the CBK Dual Token System Launch, we plan to tokenize CC, currently used as Cobak’s points, and peg it to CBK instead of the current pegging to fiat currency. This will reduce the price volatility of CBK, activate the internal economy, and secure liquidity for CBK.

As for the CBK Liquidity Mining Program, as stated in whitepaper V2, Cobak intends to pursue strategic cooperation with various liquidity providers, implementing a dual token system for token pairing. We will also develop and launch a DeFi program that rewards liquidity providers for staking assets in liquidity pools.

Regarding the CBKStarter Revamp and IDO Procedure Improvement, we aim to enhance user experience and convenience in participating in IDOs by redesigning the UI of the CBKStarter page and improving the current procedures.

In addition, we will offer new content and improve the quality of various services provided by Cobak, including our community, to ensure our users have diverse experiences on the Cobak platform.

Cobak will also engage in partnerships with external projects in 2024, aiming to enrich our services and simultaneously enhance the value of both Cobak’s content and CBK.

The detailed quarterly plans for 2024 are as follows:

2024 Q1

Official launch of the global web/app

CBKStarter UI revamp

2024 Q2

Launch of the dual token system

Partnerships with external projects

Improvements in IDO procedures

2024 Q3

Launch of the staking program

Offering new content and improving Cobak services

2024 Q4

Improvement and stabilization of CBK Finance services

Throughout this year, Cobak is dedicated to creating more use cases for CBK, and users will be able to experience the value of a Cobak platform where finance and community systems coexist, leveraging CBK in various ways. Cobak is committed to creating clear and transparent opportunities using blockchain technology.

We appreciate your warm support and interest in the CBK project.

Thank you, Team Cobak




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