2023 1st and 2nd quarter roadmap achievement status

2 min readAug 7, 2023

Dear Cobak community,

We extend our gratitude for your continuous support in the advancement of the Cobak token ecosystem.

We are pleased to announce that Cobak has successfully achieved 100% of the objectives outlined in the first half of the 2023 roadmap.

Please refer to the roadmap unveiled on February 17th of this year for further details. (Roadmap Link)

2023 1Q

Introduction of a creator membership service and hosting a conference for the W2E ecosystem.

The conference took place on March 31st, 2023. (Conference Notice Link)

Cobak has established a participant-oriented W2E (Write to Earn) ecosystem, centered around blockchain trends, by recruiting creators capable of producing expert-level content for the “Coin Analysis” board to provide users with comprehensive insights into coin investment. We will continue to explore methods to involve a broader range of expert contributors.

Furthermore, we have taken the initiative to empower users in the decision-making process for shaping the W2E ecosystem by hosting conferences, thus contributing to the generation of fresh value within the ecosystem.

The feature to convert Cobak Cash into CBK has been introduced.

On January 17th 2023, an update to the Cobak app’s currency exchange functionality was implemented. (Link to Announcement)

We have successfully updated the app’s currency exchange feature to enhance convenience for users within the Cobak community. By providing users the capability to convert earned Cobak Cash (CC) into CBK, Cobak has contributed to the augmentation of participation and engagement within the ecosystem.

2023 2Q

Introduction of the W2E Ecosystem Activation Model

On July 3rd 2023, the attendance check and mission mining model were introduced. (Link to Announcement)

In order to boost the vitality of the Cobak ecosystem and enhance user engagement, we have introduced a novel attendance check and mission mining model. Commencing with a community-centric W2E reward service, designed to provide easy-to-obtain rewards through familiar and enjoyable services, we have upgraded the user experience and reward system.

Community users can receive rewards by participating in activities such as post authoring, attendance checks, comments, likes, and bookmarks. With the implementation of this model, Cobak has established the foundation for expanding more sophisticated reward mechanisms across all services in the future.

Incorporation of Polygon Network into Cobak Governance

On March 23rd 2023, the governance system announced the integration of the Polygon network. (Link to Announcement)

With the aim of augmenting the utility of CBK based on the Polygon network within the existing Cobak ecosystem, Cobak has introduced the Polygon network to the governance system. This enhancement not only enables participation in Cobak governance for holders of the existing “ERC-20 network-based CBK,” but also for holders of “Polygon CBK.”

We pledge our dedication to crafting a more superior Cobak token ecosystem, striving towards the day when Cobak stands as a premier global blockchain community.

Best regards from the Cobak team.




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