Cobak Global IDO: StarkMeta

2 min readNov 6, 2023


Dear Cobak Community,

We’re here with our second global IDO project, StarkMeta.

It’s been a while since our first IDO, MetaBeat, and it’s been a while since we’ve brought you an IDO.

Starting with this StarkMeta IDO, we hope to offer more IDOs in the near future and engage more users in the blockchain space.

Please check the following for the Cobak Global IDO schedule and information about “StarkMeta”.

Cobak Global IDO Site

Global IDO Schedule

Open: 11/7 11:00 (UTC+9)
Close: 11/8 11:00 (UTC+9)

Open: 11/7 (UTC+9)
Snapshot: 11/9 10:00 ~ 11:00 (UTC+9)
HODL: unitl after the IDO pool starts

IDO Pool
Open: 11/9 11:00 (UTC+9)
Snapshot: 11/2910:00 ~11:00 (UTC+9)
Close: 11/10 11:00 (UTC+9)


StarkMeta is a community of passionate humans building a decentralized XR metaverse. Industry veterans who have developed blockbuster games and blockchain technology met to start research to solve the problems of existing games.

Mission of StarkMeta
In a reality where popular games are copied and stolen without realizing it, and eventually similar games are mass-produced, StarkMeta developed a Web3 metaverse that is unique, rewards are given to users, and businesses can activate commerce. By integrating XR devices, we create a seamless world where immersive, innovative features work.

Role of StarkMeta
Collaboration with famous brands, celebrities, governments, and financial initiatives is realized in an ultra-realistic metaverse, and enterprise Web3 payment solutions are integrated to. It is StarkMeta’s role to create a perfect society commercial city by seamlessly connecting the real and virtual world.

Values of StarkMeta
The goal is to realize a decentralized world for value of StarkMeta will translate into billions of dollars as technology advances and with a strong community.


About Cobak

Cobak is a blockchain and crypto community platform that has served local users since 2018. Cobak was purchased by MovieBloc in 2020 and has been under its roof since. Cobak is currently listed on UPbit, Bitthumb, and Coinone.

Cobak is the only crypto service provider in Korea that is generating substantial crypto transactions excluding cryptocurrency exchanges. Cobak’s issuance of tokens will further strengthen its user reward system, induce larger amounts of transactions within the platform and serve as a stepping stone for future global expansion.

Please Check out our website (google translate needed for english) to find out more about how Cobak is operated and let us know if you have any questions through our discord channel (

Cobak token contract address: 0xD85a6Ae55a7f33B0ee113C234d2EE308EdeAF7fD (ERC20)
0x4EC203dD0699Fac6adAF483CDd2519BC05D2c573 (Polygon)





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