Cobak Expands Web 3.0 Ecosystem ! Enhances Communication with Online Meetup Global AMA

2 min readDec 27, 2023

Cobak, a cryptocurrency information community, announced today that it has concluded an event for investors to expand new business areas, including pioneering the upcoming Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Cobak has been sharing its vision for the overall blockchain business through regular communication. The company held two online meetings on the 18th and 21st of this month, where it listened to investors and shared its vision for the future, and answered users’ questions in real time.

On the 18th, we held a global AMA (Ask Me Anything) to commemorate the listing of our CBK token on Bybit exchange, and interacted with more than 100,000 global investors. CBK is a utility token issued by Cobak and is currently listed on domestic and international exchanges. Global users asked questions about the reward system of the Cobak community and the strategic plan to increase the value of CBK, and requested that Cobak prepare a concrete plan to expand the circulation of CBK in the future.

Following this, on the 21st, the ‘Online Cobak Meeting’ was held to share the core values of Cobak and various reorganizations within the community with community users.

In the two roundtables, CBK transformation projects such as the release of CBK White Paper 2.0, dual coin system, and CBK Finance emerged as the main agenda. In particular, the official opening of the CBK global website was announced to strengthen communication between investors and token value.

A representative from Cobak said, “Cobak will continue to promote groundbreaking solutions to increase the value of CBK tokens and build a global ecosystem.” “Specific solutions to the issues raised at the meeting will be materialized through CBK WhitePaper 2.0, which will be released as early as next month.”

“The listing of the CBK token on exchanges and our partnerships with global companies are our biggest achievements this year,” said Kyung Ik Kim, CEO of Cobak. “We will be releasing the strategic CBK Whitepaper 2.0 soon to reflect on what we missed during the AMA and the meeting, and to ensure liquidity.”




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